About YouProsper

YouProsper is a fee for service organisation, seeking to revolutionise the way people living with disability find, hire and manage support workers by harnessing technology and connecting people with shared interests.

We’re a new kind of
disability support provider

Youprosper is a disability support services provider based in Melbourne & Bendigo
Victoria but is now operating in NSW, SA, Tasmania, Queensland and the Northern
Territory. Youprosper got you covered, whether you live in a remote or urban area,
Youprosper will connect you with verified and qualified support workers in your area.
We provide quality services for the lowest prices. Get in touch and you wouldn’t be
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior quality services to participants and to make access easier for participants who lives in both urban and remotes areas of Australia by connecting them to qualified support workers who lives in a close proximity from them.

Our Vision

Adjusting the sail to prosperity.

Our Objectives

In working to achieve our Mission Statement we are committed to achieving three key objectives. That is to promote effective management practices, assure appropriate access and service delivery and ensure service user rights and responsibilities are well represented.

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